Wrestling became a Varsity sport as the 1964-65 school year opened, and posted an abbreviated 2-4 record that first year under Coach Paul Miletti.  It has remained a varsity sport since.  After Coach Miletti’s 13th year, the 1976-77 season, he stepped down and Roger Kirkhart took over.  Kirkhart coached for three seasons, with Robert Daniel coming in for two from 1980-82.  Kirkhart returned for one year in 1982-83, giving way to Kevin Wise in 1983-84.  Wise coached for five seasons, with Mike Kaucher taking over the post before the 1988-89 season.  Kaucher resigned at the end of the 1994-95 season after a tenure of seven seasons, and Cory Weaver was named Head Coach for 1995-96.  He resigned after one season.  Buster Vcelka took over the Seneca program on the mat for the 1996-97 and 1997-98 seasons. Ben Schlagheck coached Calvert Wrestling for the 1998-99 season, with Bill McGough taking over for two seasons (1999-01). In 2001-02, the program was taken over by Calvert alumni Matt Coleman who coached through the 2005-06 season.  In 2004, the team had multiple state qualifiers for the first time in school history.  Success in wrestling had arrived.  In Coleman’s fifth and final season, the 2005-06 team finished 19-0 in dual meets, and had eleven district qualifiers and two state qualifiers.  Matt Coleman resigned after the record-breaking season and Mike Steyer was hired as the head coach.  Coach Steyer took the Seneca wrestlers to new heights of success.  His first season of 2006-07, he took the Senecas to its first-ever league and sectional titles.  He then picked up the following year with the same competitiveness, as Calvert again won the MAL and sectional titles in 2007-08.  Furthermore, he coached the team to a 21-10 record, which is the most wins in the 44-year history of the program.  Steyer led the Senecas to their third straight MAL/Sectional titles in 08-09, and resigned the position at the end of the season.  Shane Kokensparger led the wrestlers into the 09-10 season and the wrestling team took the MAL for the fourth straight time.  Kokensparger served as Head Coach for the 09-10 season, and was replaced by Keven Rinaman for 2010-11.